I am willing and eager to learn new and different tools.  Whether it is game design or narrative design, I hope to have an impact on the game industry.  I design games of my own and am more than happy to help others design great games.

If you have any opportunities that include game design, writing, etc, please contact me!

Contact Info:
Phone: 480-415-3474
Email: drew.fletcher@yahoo.com

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/drewafletcher









My name is Drew Fletcher and I am a Game Designer and Creative.   I am currently a QA Tester at Disney Interactive.  I am the primary tester of Star Wars Puzzle Droids.  As a QA Tester I have worked closely with Production, Localization and the Development teams.  I assign tasks for tester helping me and our out source team.  Each day I continue to grow into a better tester.  This experience can only help me become a better Game Designer.

I am familiar with the following tools:


I am familiar with the following languages: