identity                                                                    JuN ‘16 - sept '16

Game Designer - Level Designer 

Save your village as a ninja who steals foe's identities

  • Designing and balancing levels in Unity
  • Acquiring and setting up audio for game

SAMURAI VS. skeletons                                          JAN ‘16 - may '16

Game Designer - Level Designer - Programmer

Distinctive tower defense game where the player is the main tower defending himself from waves of vicious skeletons.

  • Scripted player's attack, movement and tower's attack in C#
  • Created ammo and effects for towers, player and enemies using Unity
  • Developed tiles for gameboard using Photoshop

NINJA MARIO                                                             SEPT ‘15 – DEC ‘15

Game Designer - Programmer

A small green ninja enters the world of Mario Bros. and ninja stomps Groombas.

  • Scripted player movement and enemy interaction in C#
  • Worked in coding team
  • Brainstormed project direction with group

FETCH THROUGH TIME                                                JUNE ‘15 – SEPT ‘15

Game Designer - Level Designer - Programmer

Fetch Through Time is a 2D side scrolling mobile game.  The main character Bog goes through time collecting bones to bring back to his home world.

  • Designed background and obstacle art using Photoshop
  • Designed a level themed after the Greek Underworld in Unity
  • Designed core narrative concept and story


NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY                                       JUN ’15 – SEPT ’16

Masters of Game Design

HAMPTON UNIVERSITY                                             SEPT ’09 – MAY ‘12

Bachelors of Computer Science                                                 


e3                                                                               june '16

  • Assisted flow of traffic for exhibitor badges
  • Assisted organization of exhibitor badges

indiecade @ E3                                                         june '16

  • Set up / deconstruct booth
  • Assisted developers with various tasks

INDIECADE                                                                  October ‘15

  • Helped attend to guests with booth representatives
  • Set up / deconstruct booths
  • Set up computers for vendor use


  • Fencing
  • Bowling
  • Music
  • Star Gazing